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We’ve known Walt for 15 years - he supervised a whole-house remodel for our former home in West San Jose and has now completed many projects in our new home in Willow Glen (hardscape remodel, new front porch, master bath remodel, wine storage room). Logic Build is the ONLY company that I would consider when carrying out a home project, for many reasons. Walt is meticulous about the work that he does and he stands behind his work; we’ve called him a couple of years after he completed a project for us and he has happily returned to make repairs. He also has a great personality; he and the people who work for him are just nice guys - that makes the remodeling experience much, much easier as they are people that you enjoy having in your home (and getting to know). Walt also has a great eye for design - I can tell him my “vision” and he not only makes it a reality but somehow ensures that the project turns out even better than I had imagined. You can tell, I can’t say enough good things about Walt and Logic Build - I wholeheartedly recommend them for your remodeling project!
— Debra H.
We had the pleasure of working with Walt Allen owner/operator of Logic Build Inc. Walt was a referral from a cabinet sales rep we spoke to. Walt was instrumental in getting the project done on time and on budget. He managed the timeline with all the subcontractors working on the project. Walt was very conscientious of our timeline and budget because we had decided to sell our home. We believe with the decisions we made with guidance from Walt were key items that reflected in a return on our investment. We were extremely happy with Walt’s work ethic, quality of workmanship and friendliness we decided to hire him to work at our new home. We highly recommend Walt Allen for you next project.
— Carmen J.
Logic Build is the most professional, efficient, on time, very clean and kind company to hire for any remodel job you are considering. From their designers to their contractors each one was a blessing. Our kitchen/family room remodel turned out better then we could have imagined. Thank you Logic Build for seeing our dream kitchen and family room before it existed. We are so thankful for you all!
— John F.
The team at Logic Build did a fantastic job on our kitchen! It turned out beautiful and I love how functional it is for us to cook in. The design team helped steer me in the right direction to optimize the functionality of the kitchen. I would highly recommend them for any job. In fact - they are starting on another project at our home.
— Pamela D.
Logic Build is an awesome contractor. We hired them to remodel our kitchen and main living areas. Walter’s detailed approach on creating a scope of work at the start of the project really sets him apart from other contractors we have worked with. The time spent in the beginning understanding your project and putting together a detailed scope of work ensures he delivers on what you wanted, helps you understand the various costs and keeps the project on time for completion.
— Stew B.
We were originally considering an exterior renovation of our home in addition to interior work in the craftsman style and a bathroom remodel. Walter worked with us on design from the beginning and it was always focused on what we wanted, needed, and the outcome rather than how much budget we had to spend. We never felt pressured and were impressed with the project planning detail and thorough approach. We put the project on hold for a few months and we started it up again with a reduced scope. Walter picked it up right away and managed the process extremely professionally. One of the contractors was unreliable in that he quit the job mid stream but Walter had him quickly replaced and we stayed on budget. The floor refinishing took a bit longer than planned , largely because we didn’t want to move out of the house while it was done. Overall we enjoyed working with Walter who is an honest family man with strong values and work ethic. As a post script our home was sold later that year and we more than recovered the costs in the sale price.
— Kevin C.
Logic Build was wonderful to work with and finished on time. The crew was terrific and became part of the family. They even sent pictures of our escaped cat on top of a ladder watching them work. Then they put the cat back into its room. Now that’s taking ownership of the whole property not just the project. The craftsmanship and attention to detail was outstanding. Everyone that walks into our house comments on all the wood work and the craftsmanship. The owner, Walt, was easy to work with and responsive during and after the project.
— Kirk G.